Welcome to the Blockchain Conservation Consortium

Blockchain Conservation Consortium

The Blockchain Conservation Consortium (BCC) brings together blockchain initiatives dedicated to conservation. The aim is to have a high quality peer group following a Code of Conduct/Code of Ethics, join forces, and develop new blockchain related technologies to support the sustainable use of natural resources and to promote conservation.

Approved members of the BCC will get deep insights into crypto technologies; direct access to the leading CEOs and founders in the field of blockchain and conservation; participation in educational programmes; and conservation and business opportunities. To be able to catch up with the fast and volatile developing field of blockchain related technologies the consortium members will also conduct research. Eligable BCC members will be certified by BCC and are allowed to display the BCC logo on their websites and communication materials.

In the first round the BCC will concentrate on digital Art in combination with Non Fungable Tokens (NFTs). The NFTs can be applied and used in many ways and will lead to direct support of conservation initiatives. By organising joint international marketing activities all consortium members will have a strong positive impact on their brands.

In the second and third round the BCC will establish … (the future) … but this will be discussed within the consortiums members only 😉

“If you are interested in becoming a member of the Blockchain Conservation Consortium BCC, please do not hesitate to contact me!”

Initiatives in the evatuation process

Black Rhino International Inc

Lonely Rhino NFT / Las Palmeras AB

Cyber Rhino Squad

Righteous Rhinos

Best regards

Steven Seet
Founder of the BCC
CEO of www.keepnaturealive.de
Presitent of www.cr-fund.org

Head of Science Communication www.leibniz-izw.de

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Matestr. 23
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